Winter 2019/2020: Sender-Express!

New modern 8-Seater Chairlift!

Construction has already started -  the old 4seater chairlift "Schönbühel" will be replaced - into a new state-of-the-art 8seater chairlift "Senderexpress", opening in Winter 2019-20! It will be the new Doppelmayr generation - D-LINE with bubbles, seat heating, and liftable conveyor belt. The valley station will be located 60 meter further down and mountain station will be at the same place as before at the peak of Schönbühel at 1622 meter. The main run will be broader and a further run at the bottom, leading to the valley station is also planned.

Technical data:
Length: 1200 meter
Capacity: 3400 P/h (now 1800 P/h)
Altitude difference: 290 Meter
Speed: 5,0 m/sec.